• mentalbhoy
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      well im new to this forum but have been a member to PS for a while just saw the thead about the holiday lottery, i would like to say hey to all the members and i look forward to posting more on the forum and also try and improve my poker skills in the process,

      i play mostly low-limit stakes and like most i would admit i could do with a little help in honing in on my poker skills,

      anyway i would just like to say hi to everyoneand look forward to talking to you all in the future,
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    • ehkayforty7
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      Hey, welcome to the forums.

      Make sure you read some articles/watch some videos. I neglected this for a while but after checking some of them out, I can say that they really helped me fix some leaks that I had and improve my game.

      Post hands in the evaluation section as well for hands that you aren't sure about.

      Happy holidays and good luck at the tables. :D