MSS Strategy full ring: 3-betting pocket 88 from the BB against the BTN, but one EP1 limper.

    • scopinad
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      Mid-Stack Strategy 3-betting chart says I can 3-bet the open raising BTN from the BB with pocket 88 (as a bluff of course), what if I have a limper from EP1? Can I still 3-bet 4bb? Can I do it? Or should I fold the pocket 88? I lost a hand doing it, wanted to know if I did the right thing. I am having trouble pasting the hand, just give me a general idea.
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    • SDK1987
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      Looks like no 1 is really interested in answering you’re question. So I will try it :f_wink:

      First of all you can only 3bet if there is a raiser in the hand pre-flop. If someone limps from UTG you can’t use the 3bet chart. If I was a MSS player I would isolate the limper with a raise of 4bb in total like you would do as well in the BB with 88.

      Hopefully helps this a little bit, but if you have more questions don’t hesitate to ask them.