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    • RabidJ
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      Hi everyone, my name is Jacob, or Jay in real life. I've been playing poker for about 3 months on a student salary, and in my opinion, I am decent, but still bad.

      I've played pokerstars and partypoker before. I like how easy it is to get Party Points of PP, but the software is a bit crap. What site would you recommend to get the best of both worlds?
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    • ehkayforty7
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      I like Full Tilt.

      A lot of people don't like the 10% rake at NL10 (and who can blame them), but with the abundance of fish I find it to be a very suitable playing field. Good software IMO, you can get points relatively easy and they have a good variety of everything. Also you get 27% rakeback if you sign up with the PokerStrategy bonus code.

      Cheers. :D
    • SoyCD
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      Hey RabidJ and welcome,

      Aside from the already mentioned Full Tilt, there are always the two big networks. On the one hand Titan/Mansion on the iPoker network which is certainly very fishy and allows you to select your tables well - and then the Ongame network for which we currently only have PokerRoom (soon Bwin). Although the software on both needs getting used to - they are very fish-rich (as is 888.com Pacific Poker btw.)

      I would recommend simply trying the sites and choosing for yourself. Its a matter of taste really.

      If you are willing to first deposit - Everest is actually also not bad. Especially since the $200 bonus we have there is supposedly very nice to clear.

      Best regards