My poker SH stats (23k hand sample)

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    • Solomaextra
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      What do you want to hear? :-) Standart.
    • Dragar
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      If I am too tight or so... cause not sure
    • jmackenzie
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      My personal opinion is that you really need to start playing according to your position alot more, 17% vpip on the button is super nitty play.
    • TimothyVdp1
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      loosen up in late position and the button, also your PFR and VPIP shouldn't be more than 2-4 % apart
      maybe try the following range on the button:
      22+,A2s+,A7o+, K7s+,K9o+,Q9s+,QTo+,J8s+,J9o+,T8o+,87o+(offsuit connectors), 54s+(SC),64s+ (suited gappers), 97o+ (offsuit gappers), T7s+ (sutied 2gappers),...

      and coldcall a bit less maybe?

      remember: tight out of position, loose in position and big pots in position, small pots out of position
    • finchybg
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      13/2 from UTG?
      And just 16-17 VPIP from BU/CU?

      Your VPIP should differ in the positions but seeing your early position stats, you do A LOT limp calling.
      Don't like at all your early position stats.
      My UTG is 6/6, don't say that it is the best one but you do a lot limp calling.
      Fold hands like KJ, AJ, even AQ and EITHER raise OR fold your low pockets UTG and UTG+1
      Don't limp call.

      Try to follow the rule "don't limp first in" and you'll get a grip on the things. At least I did it this way.

      Just trying to be helpful, don't get offended by the criticism.