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question about the elepant license

    • lennert9
      Joined: 06.10.2008 Posts: 278
      when I recieved my 50$ I started out to play without stats, Things worked out, but at some point I decided to download elephant since it would provide me with some more information about my play and my opponents play

      It did indeed work, and it positively affected my winnings, however, tight now, my 21 day trial is over and I'm back to using the beginners hud and a graph of my profit/loss

      I understand that developing this software package costs money, and that the safest way to be sure that this money comes back to you guys is wait untill I've produced enough rake (= strategy points)

      but think about it this way,

      me having the advaced hud, plus info about my opponents such as there 3-bet range etc. makes me play better, playing better equals more winnings for me, equals more affiliate payments for you.

      I think PS should have some way of establshing wether or not a player is a winning player (in which cas giving him the full elephant license would be +EV for PS) other then him reaching 1000 PS points (which equals about 50 days of steady grinding at my current limit.)

      anyway, I'm taking a break from poker now due to my study's but when I'm back, I'm going to keep on grinding till I get this license, because I really enjoyed using it when I had the full package,
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    • Chiller3k
      Joined: 16.06.2007 Posts: 4,326
      Hi lennert9,

      as you already said: the development of the elephant costs a lot of money.
      So we have to make sure that it somehow pays back. The problem with your idea is that we can't be sure that the member will continue playing with a tracked account. He could just take the license and we won't see a cent of his rake anymore.
      And in the past we gave away a license to a similar program after 2000 strategy points. So you see 1000 points is actually not that much and it isn't that hard to achieve (imho).
      And since you can use the elephant's analysis functions even after your trial ended it still helps you to improve your game.
      I think the way we do it at the moment is a perfect win-win situation for both sites and I don't really see a reason why we should change it.

      Best regards,