First impression on Winner Poker software + room

    • kiromanAAKK
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      I feel I have to share something about this new (for me) room because my previous judgment due some so do not so brilliant experiences I had with iPoker rooms and because today I have manage "finally" be able to play few hands to test the software (but only because I have been ill as the room made me in conditions to play time ago by now) in fact, the room and the staff of Winner Poker have shocked me in positive in many senses.

      Let's we first start from the support, do we?

      - comparable to Pokerstars for kindness, helpful, friendly and most of all, quickly in resolve any issue!

      * I was skeptical about the room as I saw it was iPoker network but because I have been offered a second capital (and all the rest of the rooms have been already looted by Hero :f_biggrin: ) and didn't want look like the cat that refuse the lard (we say in Italy and I do not know if make sense in English but btw beside the point) I didn't say no and accept to start a new venture on Winner Poker!

      About the money:
      - Arrived all before I was even able to start moaning

      What about the support:
      - The Support, as said, kind, friendly quickly and efficient

      What about the software:
      - The room, and here arrive the big one, light, doesn't stacked when close the table and I can multi-tabling much better then before on the (we don't say names to do not discriminate or discourage members to play on such rooms) previous iPoker room without make the vent of my PC disturbing the entire Town

      ** Finally, Im totally astonished by positivism and enthusiasm about this room against all my earlier forecast about Winner Poker that I feel to say almost sorry to judge before consume and also I want say thank you to for give me another chance and to let me know about this beautiful room

      The only bad news is that after a bit Im seat at a table even if Im not have doubled or more my stack one after one many players leave me seat alone at the table ... hope they are not all members of that playing on Winner Poker :f_biggrin:

      ... I really hope I will not regret soon for what I have written as Im a bit superstitious :f_rolleyes:
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    • eddymurphy
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      is there any vip tourney or something at winner poker ?
      and how about winner vip shop?
      is it hard to gain winner point / vvip point to be redeemed at vip shop ? for tokens or cash reward ??
      im willing to know the info...because i have tried only 2 rooms: netbet & titan poker