Hi all. I started out with PokerStrategy 2 weeks ago. I had played a bit before busting around 30 dollars. Once I had found this wonderful offer, took my time to read the articles carefully and soon I had the 50 $ starting money. In the first few days I was playing around with that money way too much. I was down to 18 $ for a moment. Then cashed 38 $ in an 8k guaranteed and got myself up to 50 again. Only to find myself around 20-30 again. I somehow made my way up to 50 again and decided that I must stop playing like this. Read the silver articles, downloaded myself PokerStrategy Elephant and started to play NL5.

Here's how I'm doing so far ;)

And my stats

Oh and my bankroll is at 65.5 right now, I've just cleared the first 50 and am 22 % done on clearing the first extra 25 $