Hi Everyone!

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      I So I've known about poker for a while but until recently I never really thought of it as a way of making money. I was playing texas Holdem with my little brother until he got tired, then I found a documentary about poker, saw Rounders, and tried a poker app with virtual money.

      I've only bee learning about poker from this site but the little I have learned has been amazing to see at work when I play my with my brother. He makes fun of me a little for folding so many starting hands but my game really has improved.

      My main game right now is No limit Texas Holdem but Sit-n-Go look like they might be fun to try.
      My Bankroll is $100 and I want to try to make that all I use.
      My goals right now:
      1. Just develop solid poker skills.
      2. Have a thousand dollar month.
      3. Make $8000 so I can go to Germany to study for a year.
      4. Make enough that I can thank my parents for raising me.

      Obviously I intend to one day be able to live off my winnings. It's a long way off from a starting bankroll of $100 but I feel like poker is a good fit for me.
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      Hello MeganEkko

      Welcome on the PokerStrategy forum :welcome:

      It looks like you’re starting a blog already, but if you want to use this thread for it I can always moved it to the blogs section for you.

      As basic member you can use 1 or more of our free money offers on poker rooms you don’t have a account yet. If you get the bronze status you can post pictures as well.

      Further I wish you a pleasant stay on our forum and if you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask them.

      Best regards,
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      BIG goals! Wish you luck!
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      Hi MeganEkko,

      Welcome and I look forward to reading about your progress.

      There are lots of good articles and training materials hereto help you.
      LemOn36 is currently running a forum No Limit Beginner Adventures worth joining.
      The No Limit Beginner Adventures with LemOn36
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      Hi SDK1987,

      Thank you for the welcome!

      I didn't actually mean to start a blog I was just thinking that since I was introducing myself I should tell a bit about myself. I think I will start a blog though, and copy and paste a bit from here, but I've thought of some more things to say so I think I'll just start a new post in the blog section.

      Actually I think because I'm in America I can't use any of the poker rooms you have free money offers for. I have an account though on SportsBetting.au and I feel like they get alright traffic in the evenings.

      Thank you for the well wishes,

      Thanks for the luck UPAY4DINNER!

      Thanks for the link Metalmonkey80, I'll be sure to check it out!