Grinding through microstakes

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      My name is Muho, I am 23 years old and I come from Bosnia. I am opening this blog to motivate my self and achieve better results than before. I played on a lot of different networks mostly NL10...achieved best results at pacific poker (888) where I had about 14bb/100 on 5-6 tables. Since at Pacific traffic fell heavily and as they have big problems with disconnecting, I decided to move my roll to PokerStars where I play NL10 zoom.

      This is my gameplan:

      Grind/study..........80/20 ratio..........6,5h/1,5h

      - 4 tables Zoom (6max)
      - over 800 hands/hr
      - atleast 150k hands/month
      - WR at about 4-5 bb/100 (maybe even more who knows :D )

      Main objective untill the and of august is:

      - achieve Goldstar (370/2500 VPP)


      These are my previous results (I will post just two pictures for now)

      POKERSTARS before 2015

      HIVE network (25.12 - 01.04)

      ...I wil post more pictures at the end of this month.

      I would like to ask all those who have experienced zoom poker on stars to feel free and give me advice about it (coaching videos , poker coaches, anything...)

      Good luck at the tables ;)
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      Hello Muho

      Welcome on the PokerStrategy forum :welcome:

      Nice that you have started a blog.

      I made you’re pictures visible, because basic members can’t post pictures yet.
      If you want to be bronze member or higher I recommend using 1 of our free money offers on a poker room you don’t have an account yet.

      Further I wish you all the best to beat the micro stakes :gl:

      Best regards,
    • Muho91
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      Tnx for the wishes ;)