No poker room to select to get my $50

    • Ameni
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      Hello everyone,

      I am trying to select a poker offer so I can get my $50 but no poker room appears on the page. What can I do to solve this? Did any of you have been in this situation?

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    • VorpalF2F
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      Hi, Ameni,
      Welcome to!

      Some countries do not permit the free money offers. Yours might be one of them.
      I don't have the information about which countries support which poker rooms, and I don't know what country you're from.
      Just in case it is a glitch, I suggest creating a customer support ticket (go to bottom of that page) and give them all the details you can.

      While you're waiting for an answer, perhaps you could take a moment to Introduce yourself. Let us know a bit about yourself, what games and limits you play, etc.

      Best of luck,