Hello from Slovenia

    • Kemmotar
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      I'm a member of PS for a year now, but I haven't posted on the forum till now (yes, yes... I want the ticket).

      I have read a lot through the forum for the past year, watched videos and read articles, but I wasn't an active member (didn't post my hands, ....). Hopefully, that will change.

      I'm from Slovenia and my BR is now 450$ (from 50$ starting capital). I had gold status on PS (playing NL50 on Titan) but I lost it recently, because I didn't play much last month. I'm doing OK at Titan, but I know I could be doing much better if I really really work on my game.

      That would be all for now and GL at the tables.
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    • slikec
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      Hi man(pozdravljen)!

      Is a shame you didn't post so at all ;)

      My suggestion is if you play no full ring limit cash games above NL20 on ipoker move away on other site;) I played on Titan aswell i played this week again on ipoker network cause nice first deposit bonus on other site and i won't play that there;) I decided to give SH and SNGs a try ;) But really NL FR at ipoker network is so damn TAG(vpip around 15% is crazy low) with so many shortstackers(average 5-6) that is unplayable.

      I play at FTP 3 months now and they say is TAG and i agree but when you check ipoker and FTP is FTP heaven ;)

      Try other sites my suggestions you need to try FTP, Pokerstars and if you like fishy tables with great first deposit bonus Everest ;)

      Good luck at tables,

    • Kemmotar
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      I'm thinking about moving to another site, have been thinking for a while. We'll see. But on PS I'm tracked by my Titan account and I still have to make my first deposit on Titan, so I can withdraw the money. What option of deposit did you use?

    • yaxkukmian
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      Hi everyone

      I hope Kemmo won't mind if I introduce myself in his topic...

      I also live in Slovenia and I'm VERY grateful to PS. Tnx for 50$ and more than that for every article about poker. Started to play like year ago and from newbie donkey who thinks he knows everything I came to donkey who knows where and when he misplays his hands (unfortunately most of the time I "know" it after the hand :) ). That's a big difference but have to work to become sth more than donkey :D

      Please answer to Kemmo's last post cuz I have to take my money from titan before I lose my hard earned money...

      Take care everyone
    • SoyCD
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      Hey guys, I'm glad you've decided to post - even if its only for the ticket :)
      (that can change after all :D )

      Posting hands is seriously a step that I can only recommend from the depth of my heart to any aspiring player. So please, take advantage of it :) Even the simple participation in hands of other players, is already very valuable - as it gets you to think about your game.

      We have quite a lot (successful) Slovenian players (Slovenia) and even a slowly growing Slovenian group on our new social network. Check it out and help Dippy boost his membership: http://www.pokerstrategy.com/community/group/g461/PokerStrategy_Slovenia.html

      Best regards