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Think.Plan.Organize.Execute.Improve.Repeat ( sub & win $$ )

      Joined: 17.01.2013 Posts: 62
      Hey guys,
      Am in my early 20's and trying to make career in poker and set to play poker ( cash ) professionally for at-least 1 year

      Note - i will give-away 2% of my profit every month for the best feedback :f_drink: .

      I entered online poker back in late 2012 when i had around $5 in my entropay a/c and googled "what can i do with $5 online" , i initially played poker to make money but after few $20 dollar deposits i started loving the game and got fascinated by it ,i kept on depositing $20's while mainly playing mtt's & sngs without much success . about year back i decided to stop playing poker and focus on other things .

      Now that i have created passive income stream ( around $300/month ) for myself ,i want to go all-in on poker ,i have one year survival money and dedication to make it in poker.

      The Plan
      So the plan is to start playing from nl2 and crush nl200 by august 2016 , i will give minimum 10 hours/day to poker + i will play in dream too :p , Moveup according to 100+25bi

      Wake up @7a.m
      Breakfast & refresh @7a.m-8.30a.m
      Load things up warm up @8.30a.m-9.00a.m
      Session 1 ( Pistol ) @9.00a.m-12.00p.m
      Break&lunch @12.00p.m-2.00pm
      Session 2 ( AK-47 ) @2.00p.m-5.00p.m
      Study Session @ 5p.m-6.30p.m
      Tv,relax,refresh @6.30p.m-8.00p.m
      Session 3 ( Bazooka ) @8.00p.m-10.00p.m
      Warp up things , Have Dinner & be dead by 11.00p.m

      *Grind Minimum 8hours/day
      *Don't Tilt

      Reasons why i lost in past and which i should improve
      *Lack of discipline (fucked the BRM)
      *Tilt (my mental strength is way stronger now )
      *Lack of organizing skill

      Dan Bilzerian ( don't get judgemental now :ayfkm: )
      Phil hellmuth

      Bankroll - 200
      Hands -
      Hours -
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    • adelaar
      Joined: 25.10.2013 Posts: 352
      Nice to read your blog.

      You could implement 1 hour for some fysical exercize in your schedule.
      Me myself I go out in the afternoon for bicycle and walk.

      Againt tilt you can read the book of Jared Tendler The mental game of poker.
      Contains some good stuff.
      When I have a bad beat I always quit the game for a few minutes to become calm again.

      Good luck fellow,
      my blog is

      From $50 to $1000 in one year
    • iSoOwnYou
      Joined: 27.11.2014 Posts: 642
      Hi Bullmoney,

      Nice structured layout cool start to your blog!

      Found your blog thanks for the link. Yes agree we are in very similar positions with similar goals.

      With tilt I have found improving my winrate helps, also cutting back tables and concentrating on learning not grinding. I am still very early on in my own efforts at overcoming tilt and have a long way to go.

      While this makes our games more risky until we are consistently crushing, it makes the challenge all the more rewarding and worthwhile I think. Because if we succeed we haven't just conquered poker we've conquered our own weaknesses 🙋
    • adelaar
      Joined: 25.10.2013 Posts: 352
      How did your week go?
      Did you follow your schedule?
      Did you work with discipline?
      And how did it go with tilt?

      I am curious to hear how everything went.
    • adelaar
      Joined: 25.10.2013 Posts: 352
      How are things going?
      Did you work conform your schedule?
      I hope you are doing OK.