Introducting myself imöok.

    • alliku
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      I`ve been around here for a while now, gathered wisdom so to say. Although I haven´t done great at tables. It is sad to read about others doing astonishing accomplishments while I still have a 2 digit bankroll for months. Despite that I still want to keep on trying. I usually don´t write here, but a nice hoody would be motivating.

      Thank you for your minute:)
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    • stballer123
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      Sry to hear.. if you are just building your roll I always recommend going to or they have good videos that will help anyone a lot. Obviously I have no affiliations with either of them.

      Anyway, I play poker professionally so I kno it can be tough sometimes. Hang in there and know if you play it correctly the downswings will always be made up by wins.

      Also I do coach some people so if you are interested in that let me know.

      Good luck