Hi ben ceyhun

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      Hi, ceyhun,
      Welcome to PokerStrategy.com!

      I'm pretty sure we don't have a Turkish forum, so you're perfectly OK using the EN community.

      However, before posting here, please translate into English.
      You can use Google Translate if you don't actually speak English.

      There are other forums that might suit you as well:
      To go to a different language, use the two-letter code instead of 'www'
      for example:
      http://de.pokerstrategy.com/ is the German Community

      The complete list:
      'bg': 'Bulgarian',
      'cs': 'Czech',
      'de': 'German',
      'www': 'English',
      'es': 'Spanish',
      'fr': 'French',
      'it': 'Italian',
      'ja': 'Japanese',
      'hu': 'Hungarian',
      'nl': 'Dutch',
      'pl': 'Polish',
      'pt': 'Portugese',
      'ro': 'Romanian',
      'ru': 'Russian',
      'zh': 'Chinese'