• stballer123
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      Hello all, I have been playing poker professionally for about 2 years now. Semi-recently have been taking online more seriously. Still at the low stakes (online) because that's what my roll is at. I really want to keep my online and live bankrolls seperate. Just makes it easier.

      I mostly play live cash games for my profession, but want online as kind of a backup. Dont really want to get into the #s, but I started with $50 and am much, much higher (cash games only). I just say that to say its not like I won a huge tourney to boost my roll. Anyway if anyone has Q's or comments or anything im always open.
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    • SoyCD
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      Hi stballer123 and welcome to the boards,

      Although the live games are most often even fishier than the online ones, the ability to multi-table can result in such high hourly rates that I think any professional poker player should look into establishing himself in both 'circuits' so its good to see you've been doing so.

      Although you have probably already done, I can only recommend actively working on your theoretical foundations as they are of utmost importance when playing online. As such - take advantage of our professional hand evaluations boards, videos and coachings - where we have plenty of winning high stakes players to exchange yourself with.

      If you don't have sufficient status to access the content you would like - you can always use one of the first deposit bonuses found on our "Homepage" to set yourself up with a tracked account on the platform of your preference.

      I hope you start taking active advantage of our offerings, and to see you around the forum :)

      Best regards