elephant first step failure

    • lyly13
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      hi, i just got my license for the elephant and installed it, when i create the database it says to chose the username that i used when instaling postgreSQL , i have no ideea what that is , i put a pass and id and it gives me an error Connection to database server lost .... have no clue what to do .. pls help
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    • tutties
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      I had the same problem.

      Eventually i deleted elephant and postresql off my computer completely.

      Then i went to Postgresql official website and downloaded the software from there remembering the passwords that i type in here. Try Postgres as a password.

      Then download elephant.

      It should now work. Once in elephant make sure that you choose your playing site and user name, a document to store your stored hands in and make sure on your poker site you have checked the Store hands box.

      Hope this works and good luck!!