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New blog, new ambitions.

    • martinemem
      Joined: 05.07.2011 Posts: 678

      I create this blog because i have been fortunate enough to find motivation for it. Im just not good enough at reviewing, analyse and evaluate when i dont.
      There is a few things i need to get a lot better at. I have been playing with a br of 30$ on nl5, then back up to nl25 on 900, then injustice tilt back to 400, and then further from there back to 15$ recently, and now back around 80. This is not good enough, especially taking into concideration that i have not withdrawed from my poker acc the last 2 months.

      So, every single time i go to bed, i will lay in bed reading. And then, since my doctor says i am really really healthy overall, i will go for something very very unrealistic next month. Either the domaxian sleep cycle or the uberman.

      Read about a guy surviving several months and actually starting to like it, before he went back to the monophastic cycle.

      Im not getting younger, and im still nowhere in life. NO FUCKING WHERE. So. the end of this month will mainly be to get a habit of updating here, and to play nanostakes and just create and build.

      Then i will have from the 1st to mid month, where i will force my body too get used to 1 of the 2 cycles that only allows 2 hours of sleep pr 24 hours. Because i learned that lucid dreams trigger harder and more often with a effective REM sleep. Also read that u die 12% faster if u sleep less than 6 hours pr day. But if im awake 37% more, there is no test saying i will die 37% sooner, so then i have 25% +ev awake time to live in. :fuckyeah:

      So roll really need to be builded a little, and i HAVE to get som oatmeals aswell, so i will have to maybe withdraw a little the 1st. Then i will grind std stakes the first 4 days or smth, and then see if the zombie period will require me to move down. Then i expect to start reading some books around mid to end of month, or rather skim them, with the purpose of experimenting with understanding the parts i have skimmed if i receive a lucid dream. In theory its possible. But pretty sure i also have to believe its possible, to not have a mental barrier, for it to be trained properly.

      I remember the exact night/morning, when i last time made a huge challenge, and i can also now that i think of it, remember all the parts of when the barriers of lazy got unlocked, and then a burn out. But this time i cant blaim my eyes, since i will have gunnars. Also last time, i got an idea like this, i had not slept for an unknown amt of time. So if i can sky rocket my creativity by having a half zombie month next month, and on top of that learn both to USE a lucid dream, and to experience them more frequently. I might also start a dreaming journal IF it turns out i get good awareness to spot the triggers.

      1 month at a time. But if i survive the cycle the hole month, AND get used to it, AND feel comfortable playing 8 zoom tables for several hours each day, i think a 1m hands in a month shot is worth a shot.

      AAAnd, im gonna listen to erik telling me to breathe before i play each session. Well there is lots of things i could make rules for, but tomorrow, will actuallly just be about building and creating. Because i need that roll + the withdraw for oatmeal. And then im gonna have a very very serious lockdown.

      Maybe lucid dream will also give me a piffany. Because my reasons for doing what i do atm, is not sustainable.
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    • martinemem
      Joined: 05.07.2011 Posts: 678
      After 30 min in bed, i figured it was waste of time, trying to sleep, just for the reason to wake up in the mornings, since my schedule is gonna change completely soon.

      So i took my first run in more than 5 years down to a pond, and figured another goal would be to be able to run all around that pond. Dont know how many km it is. But ill get there.

      So 1 run every week. Then i can increase it when i get in better shape.

      Took also a short little session, and i actually didnt make any crucial mistakes.

      This is the last months, and the last chart i will show with a yellow line. It tilts a lot to watch it.

    • martinemem
      Joined: 05.07.2011 Posts: 678
      Another thing i like this time is, that i have become a lot stronger since last challenge.

      I have glasses when i will get a headache. Im gettin in shape. Not to mention, i will have 6-9 hours more every single day. It will even out in the end of month since the first 15 days i will be a completely zombie. Then next month. Its like havin 50 days in a month.

      And if i have more knowledge than mozart, who slept 2½ hours every 24 hours, and he did it monophastic, there is no reason to believe i cant take 2 hours when i will have more rem sleep than mozart.

      Here i still dont know what to pick. The guy tested the uberman. It should also be the easiest. But the Dymaxion is more practical. And i have to decide from day1, before my body need to get used to either 1 of them.

      Cant wait to feel my energy as a zombie when i run next week. Maybe its smart to run on day1 when i still have energy.

      Plus in the zombie period, i will be playing completely subconcious im pretty sure. Atleast from day 3-15.

      Both is 2 hours sleep. 30 min every 6th h, or 20 min every 4th

      Oh this time i will still have time atleast in the zombie period, to play video games aswell. If i start to like the cycle i choose, i will probably push myself. Maybe 2 days i will play 36/48 hours. Just to try and see if i can even maybe get supernova. Im not close, but if this will work, i dont need to be close.

      If i take uberman, i can play 3 hours, eat, then skim fast what i want to dream about. Probably it needs lots of practise, but if i sleep 6 times, with 99% rem sleep after day 15, i have a higher chance than what i can imagine now, having in mind sleeping once every 24 hour.

      But everything comes down to my will power to not give up in those 15 days.