PT4 HUD covering my avatar: How to move it away?

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    • emomaniac
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      RMB or LMB or ctrl+RMB and mouseover
    • tonypmm
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      Really? I thought only HM2 can be moved by just the right button. PT4 requires Ctrl + Left Mouse to be pressed while dragging the elements. (On a Mac, the required key is 'Command' instead of 'Control'.)

      Alternatively, click on the right menu square of the HUD (the one with a green chip and a spade), select 'Unlock', then drag the HUD boxes with the left mouse button pressed down, then go to the chip & spade menu again and choose to 'Save Layout' (otherwise the positions will be restored in a few minutes). Alternatively, you can 'Lock & Save Layout' (in the new positions) if you're afraid of accidentally dragging it during the game, but I usually just 'Save' so that I can move it easier later if needed.

      Saving the new layout via the menu is required in both cases.

      See the 'Positioning HUD Elements' section of the official basic guide to the PT4 HUD for more comprehensive info.

      P.S. Haha, nice thread necromancy, emomaniac :f_drink: