Dear members, is growing to become one of the largest community in the world that brings together poker enthusiasts. With your help, we want to ensure that our forum is a place where all our members feel at home and can freely ask all your questions.

The forum rules are necessary to ensure that communications between the members are friendly and they are naturally applied to signatures, comments and profiles of the community as the forum post itself.

Summary of forum rules

• Freedom of expression is very important to us, but it has its limits: posts / comments should not be abusive, knowingly damaging to the reputation or business of the company, or illegal.
• The forum rules are there to help the community and not to control it. We are sure that every constructive or interesting discussion will be possible, without departing from the edge of the forum rules.
• In case of disagreement, our moderators always make the final decision.
• If you disagree with the decision of a moderator can explain your arguments with clarity and respect either in our Feedback forum or in an email to
• Violations of the rules of the forum can be reported at any time to a moderator: just click on the Report button in the upper right corner of a post and a moderator will be notified.

Our forum rules

Rule 1: No insults / abuse / profanity

To ensure a pleasant atmosphere on the forum, the insults directed at other members are strictly prohibited.
To "abuse" we also mean teasing, ridicule and blunt criticism in public and private formats.

• Reviews: Expressing opinions that do not relate to a particular person is not considered an insult. For example: "Anyone who believes in UFOs is stupid" is not an insult.
• Intent: The intent is what is decisive here, i.e. the formalities do not matter much if the intent is clearly offensive.
• Irony: it must be clearly recognizable as such.
• No profanity for any reason, including abbreviations and references will be penalized.

In case of doubt, a moderator will decide what is an insult and what is not. This is necessary because a democratic vote is not always a viable option.

Rule 2: No spam

Spam messages are posts that are off-topic, do not contain information which is destructive or simply interfere unreasonably with a discussion or a thread.

• Length of post: May be, but it is not necessarily a sign of spam. So posting "+1" to express agreement with the previous opinion may be legitimate.
• Many harmless insults may be omitted if recognized as such, but spam can also be defined.

In case of doubt, a moderator will decide what is spam and what is not. This is necessary because a democratic vote is not always a viable option.

Rule 3: No advertising / commercial offers of any kind

• It is prohibited to post requests or offers of private transfers of money.
• It is prohibited to be advertising any offer or on behalf of any affiliate poker site, as well as anything that is funded by the acquiring market.
• It is not allowed to explicitly mention of poker rooms that do not cooperate with us in an nonconstructive way.
• Only our coaches and authors of videos are allowed to offer private coaching.
• Creating skype group chats with out HeadAdmin permission
• State your skype address or trying to recruit users for skype group chat through any of communication channel

Warning: If we have reason to suspect that an advertisement has been posted with the intent to profit, we assume that we have to deal not with a member of but with a competitor, and we reserve to take legal action for infringement of the rules on free competition for claiming a refund for the damage received.

Rule 4: No posts that harm the image or business of the company

We are always happy to receive constructive criticism in our Feedback Forum about, even if they are negative.
The same rule applies to criticism targeting our freelancers, volunteers and employees.

What is forbidden:
• Anything that may be considered libelous.
• Campaigns of criticism: one thread per topic is enough.
• The criticism must always be supported by real facts, and have a reasonable foundation.

Rule 5: No illegal or immoral posts

This includes, among other things, pornographic material, opinions of the extreme right or left, racism, or any contribution that encourages seriously immoral or illegal behavior or actions.

It is also prohibited to give information about cracked and pirated software.

Rule 6: No Trolling

In order to maintain a decent pitch and appropriate quality in the discussions, trolling is not allowed on our forums.
What follows is considered trolling:

• Begin to discuss topics with the intention of devaluing the original thread.
• Create confusion in a an existing discussion with the intent to derail the conversation.
• Discredit other members of the forum.
• To provoke quarrels and insults.
• Repeatedly create threads filled with nonsense.
• Posting with the sole intention of creating confusion in the community.

Rule 7: Contact Information

• It is allowed to post Skype addresses in forum posts, albeit at your own risk as posting your Skype address can pose a potential security risk for your Skype account (the same applies for any other instant messenger services you might use).
• It is not allowed to post any other personal contact information including, but not limited to, email addresses, home addresses and phone numbers
• employees and coaches may post contact information for purposes.
• Abuse of any posted contact information may be reported by sending us a support ticket. Abuse of contact information might lead to removal from the forum.

Because of these rules, your action should be based on personal interpretations, our moderators will consult before using it, and explain in detail the sanctions.

In case of complaints please email Marta EN Community Manager

We wish you best of luck and a pleasant stay at!