hi, its Fahdin

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      hi, its Fahdin here. i live in Oulu finland. and i'm new here..i know pokerstartegy through my friend, he introduce me to play here. i like it here. i played a lot in s&g and tourney. but i havent win much.....
      I'm VERY grateful to PS. Tnx for 50$ and more than that for every article about poker. Started to play like 6 months ago and from newbie donkey who thinks he knows everything I came to donkey who knows where and when he misplays his hands (unfortunately most of the time I "know" it after the hand smile ). That's a big difference but have to work to become sth more than donkey :)
      thanks everyone
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      Hi & welcome to PokerStrategy.

      Everyone here is very friendly & supportive here. Take time to make best use of all the excellent strategy guides, coaching sessions, sample hand forums etc, they all help to improve your overall game and to plug any small leaks.

      Good to have you on board, hope to see you in the forums & at the tables soon, good luck. :D