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Wake up and start playing poker

    • bigdog63
      Joined: 24.10.2011 Posts: 292
      In renamed the post, hoping to get some feedback.

      The intention of this post is to:
      - motivate myself to reflect more about my own state of mind and my own game
      - get some outside impulse for improvement
      - to set some goals, and be reminded of them

      I didn't know if this should be in the blog section or here, so I put it here.

      I have been playing poker for several years (5+) now, mainly as a recreational player. This means that I did some basic study, reading books, watching video, etc. not much more.
      I am playing mostly 6-max NLHE. Occasionally I play some MTTs, or 45+ SNG’s
      I am playing typically 2-6 tables, watching TV and/or surfing the internet. Playing volume is about 11k hands per month for the last 12 months

      Around of mid of last year I was playing NL5 with about 5.5BB/100 for the first 6 months (40k+ hands).

      I tried to move to NL10, and after a few struggle, I was running at ~3BB/100 well into this year.
      For the last couple of months, it kind of all fell apart. I lost 32 buy-ins (24 BI-ins below the EV line) running at -10BB/100.

      I dropped back to 5NL, however the trend is continuing, actually it is becoming much worse.

      I definitely got into tilt-mode. I have become scared of big pots, afraid that opponents will suck out on me. I started calling turn and river donks and raises, against my read which tells me that I am beat, just to confirm how unlucky I am running ‘(most of the time my read is good).
      As an analytical person I have started taken reading on tilt and mental game (“The Mental Game of Poker”) and realized immediately how prone to failure my whole approach is.

      Additionally I went into my stats and hand history and found several significant leaks.
      Here some points:
      Looking at HHs I actually found something extremely interesting maybe related to mental issues:
      Looking superficially at all NL 10 sessions this year (about 400) I had 130 sessions where I lost > 200BB.

        - Of these 130, I had about 50 sessions with a large downswing of 1BI or more around hand number 100
        - Also , of these 130 I had about 55 sessions with a large downswing of 1BI or more before hand 40

      Looking at the same amount of winning sessions, I found only 4 where I lost 1 BI inside the first 40 hands and 6 where this happened ~ hand 100.

      Without quantifying it I would generally say, that around hand 100-150 I tend to play bigger pots.

      What can that be?

        - Starting a session with suboptimal conditions, concentration may be a problem.
        - Losing at the beginning of a session puts me maybe in a mode where I immediately chase my losses?
        - After a while, especially in sessions without incidents where there is only pure grinding, I get bored, losing concentration and/or patience

      Taking this and what I think I learned from my stats, here is the plan:

        - I will limit the number of tables I am playing to max. 3
        - Once I have settled at 3 tables, I will leave all waiting lists and not re-join any before I close 2 tables
        - I will not surf the internet
        - I will set a timer with a mandatory 10min break after 45 min or or 100hands where:

          - I really take break

          - Ask myself how I feel and how I play. If I feel like I am chasing a loss, or frustrated by an early loss or suck-out, I will stop for at least 45min .

        - After each session I will make some notes on my state of mind, my level of play, etc.
        - Post an update in this forum at least once a week

      First steps regarding my game:

        - I will increase my blind defending range vs LP (currently cold call or 3bet a combined 28% from the BB and 22% from SB, resulting in -80BB/100 and -20BB/ 100 )
        - I will increase the range vs. SB as well ( 35% defending with -55BB/100)
        - I will stick to keeping pots small with mediocre hands especially OOP
        - Not bet without a plan at least for the next street
        - reduce cbet Flop (currently at 72%)
        - Increase WWSF (currently at 46.5%)

      That's it for today. I appreaciate any comments or suggestions you may have
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    • bigdog63
      Joined: 24.10.2011 Posts: 292
      Update after first week:
      Volume down (expected)
      Realized that I start sessions, without being ready to play, or distracted by other stuff
      Break after 100 hands or 45 min is far too early, but is an excellent method to become concious of my state of mind, level of play etc.. So I keep the timer going.
      Stats do not have a real meaning now, but are all going to the right direction.
      BB/100 back in the positive