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Beginner HUD

    • Derkin
      Joined: 22.09.2008 Posts: 22
      Hey everybody!

      I think of myself as a beginner in the poker world, but I already got several years of on and off playing. I know a few strategies and hand charts but I was never really eager to play poker for more than just some nice quiet evening entertainment.
      That actually changed now.
      I already bought the PokerTracker4 early this year but as said, I never gave poker an honest try.
      Since I would like to change that, I would like to know: How does a good Beginner HUD look like?
      I already read some opinions to keep it simple with just #hands, VPIP, PFR.
      For me that is not detailled enough.

      My HUD at the moment shows:
      VPIP / PFR / 3BetPrefolp / Fold to 3Bet / Fold to LP Steal
      Live Amt BB / CB Flop / CB Turn / Fold to CB Flop / Fold to CB Turn

      I would love to have some feedback and I hope I choose the right section of the forum.

      Greez and GL

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    • 8runo
      Joined: 17.05.2015 Posts: 653
      Its impossible to say without knowing what games you play - depending on the format you play, the information you need will be different.

      Maybe a good starting point for you (assuming 6 max cash microstakes) is the third video in w34z3l's walkthrough series which is dedicated to HUDs.

      EDIT Here's the video in question: You'll need to get your Pokerstrategy status up to Silver to watch it - but if you take one of their bankroll offers and open up a new poker account there, that is really easy to achieve.
    • VorpalF2F
      Super Moderator
      Super Moderator
      Joined: 02.09.2010 Posts: 10,715
      Here is what I am currently using:
           Note *       Hands     (VPiP       PFR)    3Bet       AF      Afq  
           C(CBet      FCBet)    D(Donk      Donk)    Limp    (WTSD    W$SD)  
        Att Steal    FvsSteal     FvsRS    Squeeze                            
             $Won     Winrate      Win%                                       
           RFI EP          MP        CO         BU      SB                    

      I look at the RFI line a lot, and the Donk stats whenever someone donks.
      I also use the Steal line heavily.
      When you have a lot of hands, knowing $Won gives an overall idea of how well they play, but of no practical use in an individual hand. That line is not displayed for Hero.

      This is also really only of use in cash games. Tournaments need some slightly different stats.

      Here is what I have for Tournaments.
           Note *       Hands    MVal    VPiP     PFR       AF  
        Att Steal    FvsSteal    FvRS    CBet    3Bet    F3Bet  
             WTSD        W$SD                                   

      MVal is a measure of your stack size in orbits. It is your actual stack divided by (BB + SB + Ante * #players)

      The article "The 5 Player Types" talks about how often players enter pots, go to showdown and so on. It might be useful even with the most basic HUD.

      Best of luck,