Hello, so I've made it through day 1 of one of the biggest tournaments (The Fishermans Challenge) in my country (Lithuania) of the year. As seen above I've finished with 70600 chips from the starting stack of 15000. Now since I really want to take this tournament down I want to make the correct preperations to maximize the chances of me advancing to the final day and ofc to the top 3 afterwards.

Now the blinds on the day 2 should be 800/1600/200. Levels will be 60 mins each. I'm still waiting for the officials on how many levels will be played but according to the casino schedule it should be either 4 or 6 levels. Tables will be 9 handed and there will be 36 players starting the day. Depending on the table draw I might get a tough or a really easy table because this tournament attracts tons of fishes and quite a decent amount of them got trough but along with them there will be like 5 top regs from my country.

Now my initial idea if to play the same way as I did play on Day 1 which was just to play really really tight and not get into any weird spots unless i find them really +cEV. If I get a fishy table with bunch of short stacks I Could roll over them and bring a huge stack to the final day but with the rest of doubling them and becoming shallow stack my self. If I get reg filled table my plan is to stay tighish and wait for my spots and not try any funny stuff because I feel that they will see through my moves :D

Anyway I want the community to come forth and give me advice on how they think advancing trough the day would be the best.

Advanced players commentary is very advised :)

Thanks in advance.