• ritdarbs
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      I am waiting and waiting so long! :( Have done all the necesary steps, but don`t get the bonus... the support is telling 3-4days ago:
      "Your money was just transfered yesterday. Please, have a little patience.The transaction normally lasts 48 hours.If you haven't heard anything from us till then pleas contact me back. Have a nice day and thank you for chosing our site."

      It is unfair that players who registered after me, get the bonus in the next 2days... but I am waiting week !
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    • SoyCD
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      Hello ritdarbs,

      The waiting time is 48 working day hours. It is currently the weekend - so Mansion is not processing any starting capital transfers. The waiting is therefore not on our end. Just be patient.

      Best regards
    • EagleStar88
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      Hang in there ritdarbs, it is SO worth waiting a short while for :)

      Try re-reading the basic strategy guides, including BRM, watching the videos etc whilst they sort out your bonus, it will help your game when you do then start.

      Patience & disipline are so important in poker, lots of people fall early on due to over eagerness (myself included :D ), I'm sure that you won't fall into the same trap if you carefully plan out how/what your going to play carefully now.

      Welcome to PS & good luck!