Hi, from Australia!

    • sliggy
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      Hi everyone. I'm Sliggy and I'm from Australia.

      I used to play StarCraft: Brood War a lot (beyond excessively) and most players from there translated to poker and are doing well so I decided to make the transition myself.

      I've been a part of PokerStrategy since October but I'm making my first forum post now. I've given ring games and MTT tournaments a try, and I've finally settled on 1table SnGs. I find they are most profitable for me.

      Anyways, I'll soon be downloading PS Elephant (among other things) and after I figure out how to post hand histories I'm sure I'll be all over the board working on my game.

      Like all of you I think that making a decent living off online poker would be a dream come true so I'm reading, watching, and discussing as much as possible to try and make that a reality.

      Thanks a lot and see you guys later!
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