Major changes to poker stars Vip club

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    • ViperPP
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      What is not clear from the article is what happens at the start of the next month after you achieved a certain VIP Level the previous month. E.g. suppose you are Gold, do you immediately get 2 FPP/VPP or do you just start from scratch again in this table:, and your Gold Level is only for the other VIP benefits ?

      Other than that, it looks pretty smart to have much more incremental objectives, since it will motivate players to at least complete their current step, and to play towards a 5th step for the 10% additional bonus.
    • Svinhugg
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      I don't really see the point. for me personally I don't think it will affect me. Since I can't get strategy points (there Pokerstars misses hundreds of rake-dollars) I just settle for Chrome each month. It keeps me in touch with the Pokerstars enviroment and its nice to play on stars.

      But then I have to go elsewhere to play. Then when I have made my strategy points I return to stars just for nice gameplay. Well, I don't think that I will bother much if it means half of those FPP/VPP.

      No, I just think it's just a new step in Pokerstars new business strategy to annoy the players.
    • rompas
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      Hi Viper,

      I assume you start at gold, but as you say its not clear from article or offical post from stars what i can see but i am sure that will be clear soon,

      Imo this changes doesnt look so bad since i think recreational players will play little bit more just to complete steps.