Great poker players live among us across the globe, but wouldn't it be awesome for you to become the greatest poker player in the universe? You might already have the characteristics of a great poker player. So why not take your chance to become the greatest poker player in the universe?!

Win Microgaming's Universal Championship of Poker and get €10,000 in cash + your trophy for being the greatest poker player in the universe!

There is €200,000 Guaranteed across 12 events between 6 September - 13 September:

How do I become the best?

You can earn leaderboard points for your skills in several ways:

• Every €1 won in Universal Championship of Poker = 1 point
• If you cash in more than 1 event you will get extra points. Cash in 2 or more events = 500 points
• Play Event 4 (Omaha) + any turbo event (Event 6 or 7) + any rebuy event (Event 1, 5, 7 or 11) = 500 points
• Play all 12 events in the Universal Championship of Poker = 1000 points
• Get 500 points for every tournament you stream online using Twitch (or any other similar streaming service)
• You get 250 points if you tweet a screenshot of you playing our Universal Championship of Poker using the hashtag #UCOP


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