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    • EagleStar88
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      Hi oskus & welcome to PokerStrategy,

      Think all players tilt from time to time, although your part of the way to combating it by identifying when it occurs.

      The following guides might help:


      I always find if you just walk away, make a drink & chill for an hour or two, everything looks different when you return.

      Look forward to hearing how you overcome it buddy, good luck at the tables.

    • SoyCD
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      Hello oskus and welcome to the boards

      We have a lot of great players from Estonia (and a lot of Estonian players in general - a few of which you can find on our big 'Where are you from Map') The link to our Estonian group can be found here: PokerStrategy Estonia

      While EagleStar already linked you to the Psychology area (the Tilt articles are very very good and I can only recommend you read them) - also make sure to check out the hand evaluation forums on a regular basis. They are the key to fixing leaks and improving your game!

      Best regards