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10$ to 10000$ Bankroll Challenge

    • iphone5s111
      Joined: 28.03.2015 Posts: 4
      Hey whats up my name is Dorian and I'm from Germany. I started playing poker about a year ago when I turned 18 and it finally was legal to play online. Anyways i've been a losing player from the start, I transferred 100bucks in my PS account and played zoom 0,25/0,50 Bade and it was gone quicker then i could ever imagine.
      Fine i thought myself lets try it again in the next week and so it went on and on...

      I wanted to take things serious now and started to get my bankroll management game on point.
      I told myself to start moving up stakes when i at least have 25BB and as soon i get to 20BB i'll risk taking a shot now and then. Started the challenge today everybody who wants to join me and has some advice and tipps can speak openly i appreciate every kind of replys :)

      So lets start with DAY 1 i had a very nice session and to kick things off i thought myself lets start a bit higher so i played Zoom 0,02$/0,05$ it went extremly well and i was able to grind it up to 49$ already !
      I was only playing ABC poker and bluffed here and there when a good spot came up. As soon as i managed to get 4BB i played klingenberg to boost my BR at the beginning because i've seen many people starting challenges with 50 bucks. Now that im good to go i want to kick things off and play every evening for about 2-3h. At daytime i have to work and get some schoolstuff done maybe will be able to put in a hour a day off table work, such as reviewing hands or watch other people play and make notes.

      This blog is mainly for myself to finally play better and not with my full BR on the tables, i guess when you're jung you tend to overdo things and thats why i lost quite some money. But I want to leave it all behind and start all over. Just to let you guys know ( If anybody reads this lol) I'm not using a hud or any other softwares. I'm pretty good in math so the statistics and percentages help me to consider if that particular situation is good fold or is it better to call in the long run. It would be ideal if I could afford all the equipment (Books, software, programs, etc.) from the winnings i try to get out of poker. I've never had a coach or somebody who reviewed my sessions, maybe thats the reason I have been a losing player but lets not get into that.

      Summary Day 1: An almost 500% increase, very good start & faith in the future.

      Gl at the tables, Dorian
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    • iphone5s111
      Joined: 28.03.2015 Posts: 4
      Hello It's me again, just stumbled over a mistake i wrote wasn't a 500% increase lol.

      Couldn't wait playing again so i fired up some tables and got busy. Was able to stack another 5bb in Zoom 0,01/0,02NL which means i increased my BR 100 % from the start of today with only about 4h of work.

      I'm taking all the momentum i can get out of that mix of good run and acceptable play. I realize that when things are start to go well i'm a bit too cally and make calls i normally wouldn't do. Just got to work on that an staying a bit more patient.

      I felt a bit of a bad mood when i got runner-runnered in 2 consecutive hands :f_mad: but its all good.
      At the same time i had people shoving J4 on a 4K9 rainbow board :s_biggrin:

      Now im just playing the 100K Privilege Freeroll and another bit unknown freeroll.

      Wish you guys best of luck :As: :Ah:

      CYAA =)
    • iphone5s111
      Joined: 28.03.2015 Posts: 4
      Soo its me again its been a long and exciting day, especially because i was able to add another 30bucks to my bankroll :) played NL 0,01/0,02 until I reached 80BB for the new limit which is now 0,02/0,05.

      But let's start with yesterday i had a really nice evening with my girlfriend, so i thought why not play another session. That went good aswell where i got another 4BB in about 30min at Zoom 0,01/0,02NL.
      It's very satisfying to see a steady rise but I also know the variance is going to kick in soon.. :/
      Been running really hot which caused me to overplay my hands a bit, but after one or two bad played hands i caught myself slipping so i corrected my game again.

      It helps me to write down my emotions about poker I mean as long as it keeps me focused and stabel!
      I'm very tired, its 1:20am here in Germany and my Bankroll is currently at 91,52. About 4$ is T-Money so 87bucks in cash. Hope to pass the 100$ mark tomorrow to come one step closer to my goal. I realized that i haven't focused much on my off table work, at the moment i'm trying this new style called tight lol which seem's to work out just fine.
      As soon as i'm stagnating or things aren't going my way I will start to review my sessions.

      That's enough for Day 2 :) wish you all a good night and good luck at the tables!!

      Today somebody shoved on me on a :Ac: :Ks: :9s: Board, i looked @ my cards and saw :As: :Qs: . The guy who shoved on me had :2s: :7s: in his hand :D i guess you can already imagine what happend next, the flush came and an angry fish started calling me names. What a wonderful way to be yelled at:s_cool:

      CY 2Morrow #keepfishing