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    • ultrac
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      Hi guys,

      I want to share with you this - Eazy HUD for Spin & Go's for PokerTracker4 (downloading from

      Maybe it isn't perfect for uber-grinders but I think that is nice HUD for "sunday spinners" :f_p:

      This HUD for Spin&Go's is very simple, aesthetic (hopefully) and easy to use. No useless information, just most important data: (0) table effective stacks, (1) preflop stats (VPIP/PFR, 3bet/Fto3bet, Limp/Limp&Fold/Raise Limper), (2) stealing stats, (3) flop betting/folding stats, (4) aggression by streets stats, (5) betting/folding by streets stats. In pop-up there are easy to use simplified Heads-up Nash Charts (charts originally uploaded by StevenM).

      HUD in work

      Pop-up Chart

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    • balleiza
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      hi, i am a begginer at HUD's and this type of things, can you please explain me that pop-up chart, what those number represents? thank you
      and where do i get pokertracker, do i need to pay a monthly fee to use it?
    • flyingspadespoker
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      Looks great, though I hope there are stats based on stack/bb.. The pop-up SMK_call is quite confusing, does that mean we call a shove with that hand that matches certain stack sizes. So it indicates calling with 33 20bb+ deep? I know that can be modified, just curious if that's how it works.
    • ultrac
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      there aren't stats based on stack/bb and I don't plan to add them. Simplicity and usability for a new players is the main topic of this HUD.

      This is a HUD for PokerStars Spin And Go's micro stakes $1-$7. Player pools in those games are so, so, soooooo huge that basically you don't have a chance for a proper sample. In my database on $3's (3K games) with 5702 opponents I have more than 100 hands on just 12 of them! Basically 99,9% of the time all cells in pop-ups like "cbet on flop 3-6bb", "fold on turn cbet 6-9bb" would be empty or with statistics like "100% (2/2)", "50% (1/2)", "0% (0/1)".

      But if I will make advanced version, of course I will upload it :)

      About Push/Call charts - there are Nash equilibrium charts :) More information about it you will find here:
      is the Nash Equilibrium Chart too loose? (heads up)
      and here: