• labdakucu
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      Hi All,

      I'm pretty sure that you all had long been waiting for my first topic. Well, here it is.

      I am a hungarian guy, who lives in Germany. I started to play poker about 3 years ago and I am a member here since last year. I have a wife and my first child is going to be born next February.

      I have poker accounts at PartyPoker (my favourite one), FullTiltPoker, Mansion and Interwetten. My greatest winning was 1224 USD.

      If not playing poker I like watching football, or simply have fun with my family.

      Merry Christmas and good luck to you!

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    • SoyCD
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      Hi labdakucu and Merry Christmas to you too :)

      I guess you have a lot of options on this site then - from our Hungarian, to English to German community you have excellent material for improving your game :)

      After your long-awaited first post - I hope we will see more in the future!

      All the best,