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      Hi, I'm fairley new to the game althoughI have played online for sometime and only recently strated committing money to a site. The main reason was that I wanted to feel comfortable enough about the game. One thing I would like some advice on is this. In online tournement play I find that I am quite good at building my chip count for the first hour or so, but then start to stay at the same level for a while. Of course the inevitable happens and geI get sucked into a silly call or raise as I am trying to maintain the momentum. Any tips from players as to how to maintain a steady building of your chip size?
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      Hello daicos, welcome to pokerstrategy

      I dont play sngs or tourneys but I dont think you are going to get any quick tips on how to do better - just start studying the articles, going to coachings and watching videos and eventually things will improve for you.

      good luck