Getting out Drawn

    • Pockets1977
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      Hello names Pockets1977,
      Here on the Isle of Nantucket, been playin a while online and havent had much luck. It seems I constantly get beat. Not that I'm a bad player I make money in real life in person games but for example: Flop top two pair and with no fail two of the cards are suited for a flush possiblilty and again with no fail get rivered very annoying. Along with many other examples. My favorite conspiracy theory is the bigger stack getting a better chance of winning from the RNG not at begining but once ur in the tourney a while. I've had it happen and go both ways for me. It just seems to happen more often than it should and I do take into consideration the amount of hands played compared to real life...any takers
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    • kennyxx
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      Hi and welcome here,

      You can find a lot of studying materials here. Articles, forums and coachings as well can help You to become succesfull player so don't miss them out.

      GL at the tables