[NL2-NL10] TPTK v suspected overpair

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    • ehkayforty7
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      I would just fold to the 3BET pre-flop.

      As played, I fold the flop as well. Given the stacks you can't put in a raise for information so it's either shove or fold, and I like fold a lot better.
    • dallievas
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      Preflop:I would not raise ATo(suited too) from UTG.You need good reason to raise it from UTG and I doubt you will find much of it in NL10.Clear fold to 3bet,I don't know what wide should be opps 3bet range to call.In very very rare occasions I'd call only with ATs for speculative value.
      On flop tp T tk is not tptk to play from stack.If opp can fold his oc or JJ u can bluff raise him but should rarely bluff on microlimits.
      Good luck :)
    • srohack
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      you can fold at from utg at a full ring table.
      its a preaty easy fold preflop . you are raising from utg and you are suposed to have a very tight range and he still 3 bets you from out of position so if he is a thinking player he prob has a tighter range then yours + at is at your buttom of your range so muck it
      as played if you call pre you have to continue when you hit top pair on the flop otherwise it doesnt make sense to call it