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    • ElFenomeno50
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      I can't find most of the names of opponents in the search button on Stars. I want to search them to add some notes on players and/or mark them. During zoom sessions, i don't have time for it. Anyone else knows how i can find people on Stars or do i have to use the note option of Hm2? By the last option i can just open it and makes notes, however i prefer the Stars notes more.
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    • metalmonkey80
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      Hi ElFenomeno50,

      When you are multi tabling it can become a problem to add notes at the time.
      What I do is assign my color to the player and just abbreviate the note to then come back to later. IE: fish 8T EP.
      after my session I then open the notes editor in PS and make a better note there.
      Some players have the option not to be found! so this may be the reason why.
      I think HM makes good notes on players. I understand tho sometimes it is better to make the note in the client.
      Remember also to back up you player notes once in a while. I had a Windows issue and lost all my my notes the other day :(
      hope this helps

      My regards

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      Hi ElFenomeno50,
      Welcome to!

      I like Matt's idea of just the colour code on the fly.
      As long as you don't close the table, you can press CTRL-I and bring up the instant hand history.
      Find the hand that has the player, double-click it, and you can add notes in the replayer.

      I've done the above, but not with zoom -- that might be tougher.

      All the best,