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FishTom's road to become a good poker player

    • FishTom
      Joined: 26.10.2008 Posts: 7
      Hi everybody,

      After being a member for a few months now, i decided to post my progress so far and maybe continue writing a blog:)

      I got a really good upswing right off after getting the 50 bucks from PS and alongside to Poker Stars bonus, i got the bankroll up to 1000USD in 2,5 weeks (30K hands) just playing the SSS and moving up the limits according to BRM (as i though i wasn't a complete beginner, i felt pretty comfortable at higher limits aswell). Then i though i could get a PokerTracker for free eventhough i cleared the Elephant licence aswell and registered with Red Kings to do that. Naturally there was a nice bonus involved (1000% deposit bonus) so i deposited 500USD there and tried to play the SSS there. But at Red Kings were not too many tables to switch and take the profit from, the result was 0$ profit in 2 days. So i decided to play NL50 FR (as my whole bankroll was 1000, it was enough to play that limit)and got the BR up to 1500 in another 1,5 weeks. All together it was around 45K hands. Then i got my first really bad downswing, which lasted for the next 3,5 weeks. I think Ongame network generates the most AAvsKK, AKvsAA, QQvsKK, sets outdrawn to flushes and straights and so on bad beats. At least it seamed that way, which is a great tilt seed. When my BR was down to 1000USD again (big chunk of the lost money was of course because of tilt), i switched back to play SSS again on NL100 tables and lost 25BI in a row and some more after a short upswing (QQ was -80USD, KK was -20USD, AK was -100USD, AQ was -70 and so on), so the BR was down to 500 (i lost all the 500 i deposited to Red Kings, the end of of course just thrown away being on tilt). So i deposited some more money because i already had cleared the half on needed points to clear the first 1250$ of the bonus. I moved back to NL50 with a SSS and the downswing continued so there was only 300USD left (yet on my Stars account). Pretty sick huh? All in all PokerTracker cost me 700USD, which i deposited to Red Kings However, i think the swing would have hit me at Stars aswell, so i'm not too sad about it. So i decided to rest with the SSS and Red Kings (because it's impossible to clear the bonus at NL10 tables) and go back to Stars NL10 SH and play some poker again , which got me up on my feet again pretty quick and reach a bankroll needed to play at NL25SH and it looks ok. I'm making a profit of approx 5ptBB/100 and playing about 2-3K hands a day.

      So long story short, the BRM and avoiding tilt are the most important subjects of playing poker. and it's very damn hard to stick with BRM, if you're on a huge downswing and on tilt aswell.

      Sorry for posting the same story twice ( i did it at the "Introduce yourself" topic aswell)

      Peace and gl
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    • SoyCD
      Joined: 20.02.2008 Posts: 6,356
      Hey FishTom I'm glad you've started a blog :)

      I think the more expensive the first downswing/tilt session the better it sticks in your head. As long as you always learns from these phases - you can be glad that you have them.

      Be sure to constantly work on your game - post hands - and be critical of yourself. gggeorgio also started his blog here when he was around your level and was beating NL400 just a few months later (My poker journey... maybe this time I can get it right!). You seem to have a good attitude towards the game and I think you will do just fine :)

      Good luck at the tables!
    • TheBrood
      Joined: 17.07.2008 Posts: 4,383
      You are gold status and seem to be doing well, just wanted to say that maybe you shouldnt be switching from SSS to BSS and back, just stick with what you do best, unless you get bored. gl!