• striker13
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      My name is Henry and i am from small eastern europe country Estonia.

      I registered with pokerstrategy about 2 weeks ago thanks to my friend, who has been member for over a year. I have given my refferal link to just 1 friend now, but soon i hope to get more people playing poker.

      i have made about 70 dollars profit, thanks to the 50 dollars starting money and i play regulary and i feel that i play much better now than before.

      Anyway, happy holidays and great new year!!
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    • EagleStar88
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      Hi Henry & welcome to PokerStrategy,

      You'll find lots of friendly and very skilled Estonian players here:


      Looks like you've had a great start already, but keep reading the strategy guides & visit the forums/coaching regularly to get the best possible chance of additional game refinement.

      Wishing you every success and hope to see you in the forums & at the tables soon.

      Good luck.

      (from England)
    • vhallee
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      Hello striker13,

      Welcome to our forums! It is nice to hear that you have gone up and I hope you will continue to do so :)
      Keep in mind that bankroll management is very important, so I recommend you read the articles in our Strategy Section, as well as watching the clips from our Video Section. Also, since EagleStar mentioned that thread, there is a social group in our Community feature, so you may want to join it: Estonia.

      That being said, Happy Holidays and good luck at the tables! :)

      Best regards,