What have I learned here?

    • Bokkieboy
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      :D Hi everyone,
      I am Bokkieboy from South Africa.

      I only started playin poker a year ago, but is hooked , line'sinker and the swallowed the fisherman as well :( .

      I saw myself as a average player , that does win now and then. Then i read a few strategies on another site, and after following those strategies I could not see myself as an average player anymore, i lasted longer, but could not get as far as I normally got in tournaments. A friend introduced me to this site, I have not read all the strategies yet, but I am glad to say I am improving ;) .
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    • vhallee
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      Hello Bokkieboy,

      Welcome to the PokerStrategy community. It is definitely nice to hear that our strategy articles helped you improve your game, and since there's no such thing as perfect player, keep reading so you can become a better player and go up the limits ;)

      Since you mentioned you are from South Africa, maybe you would be interested in joining this social group: South Africa. Also, remember to post in the forums whenever you have a question or you need help with a specific topic - the other members will gladly help you :)

      Best regards,