playing poker professionally which discipline.

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      i would like to giving ago to playing poker professionally but not sure which direction to take. my preferred discipline is multi table tournaments but ive heard this is the hardest way to go. which would be a better option sng's or cash games.
      also to reach a level good enough to make a living how much time a week would i need to spend studying.
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      Hi, ShamHiggins,
      What does "make a living" look like where you live?

      The big scores are definitely in MTTs, but they are rare, and you lose a lot getting there.

      In Canada we have a joke:
      Q: "How do you make a small fortune farming?"
      A: "Start with a large one"

      Poker can be the same.

      Since poker is a game of edges, start with that:
      If your winrate at NL 200 is 1 BB/100 hands you win $2.00 every hundred hands. If you 4-table you're making $8.00 an hour. Where I live I can make $10/hr flipping burgers at McDonalds.

      In a lot of places in the world you can live very well on $8.00 an hour.

      I'm not trying to discourage you -- just trying to bring the idea into real terms.

      I recently looked over all my winnings on PokerStars (its not a lot -- I'm a rec player)
      Most of it came from MTTs -- this surprised me. I don't play many.

      I've also been dabbling in jackpot SnGs. If you follow sound BRM and some basic common-sense strategy, these are still beatable. They're fast, and have potential.

      Search the video section for "Tim64" to see how its done.

      Best of luck,
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      This is interesting for me as well. I want to play professionally and I think playing cash games is the best at least until you can afford to play 10$ tourneys regularly because playing the 1$ ones is just not worth the time IMO. Now where I live where Vorpal said you get 10$/h flipping burgers at McD here we only get 2$/h so basically even playing 5NL with like 5bb/100 win-rate that's what you make so if you manage to beat NL10 with the same win-rate you can make a living easily. Now what concerns me is the approach to this having a plan and sticking to it etc. I would really appreciate some opinions from current pros that play poker for a living and how it is.
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      Here is an article on Setting and Reach Goals

      There is also:
      Are you fit for professional Poker?
      When should you turn professional?
      When NOT to become a professional poker player

      The last two link to videos I think.

      All the best,
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      The other big thing to consider is that poker might only be fun now because it’s a hobby. You might actually stop enjoying it when it becomes a job. Especially during times where it is a difficult job.
      this makes sense :)

      very good articles especially "When NOT to become a professional poker player", I guess I need to remember those when I start to think - oh I am programmer and earning in poker same as programmer is so hard.
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