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      Hello, I am new to this site, signed up in November.

      I have been playing for a little while, but since finding this site,
      my game has improved at an insane rate.

      I used to just hover at the same BR, $25-$50 playing SNGS untill
      I found this site and starting hungrily reading the articles and watching
      the videos.

      I was searching the internet for BR boosting advice, and found many ideas,
      things from selling play money chips to sattelite tourneys, and then
      one post I found said "All you have to do is goto this site and pass a quizz and you get $50!!"

      Of course I thought.. SCAM!!!!!
      and then I clicked on the link and I started reading the articles and
      as I was reading them I Was thinking... SCAM I know it!!
      they are going to ask me for my CC number and to buy a video or something!!!

      Then I was writing the quizz the whole time thinking the same thing.

      Well needless to say, I passed the quizz, and was given $50.
      My entire world of online poker has been turned upside down since!!!!!

      I am now playing 4 tables at once, and earning about 60 or so FPP
      a day playing as many as 30 SNGS a day and My bankroll has reached $200.

      This new level of playing so many SNGS a day has just started, and I
      am hoping to keep having it so well.

      I will post about how its been going in the proper section once I have
      played 1k or so sngs.

      But seriously what a wonderful site, all you have to do is read and
      watch and pay attention and your enire game is opened up on a whole
      new level.

      After every day, I go through each SNG with a replayer, and I watch the
      hands that I was involved in, and I use the strategy sections to confirm
      wether or not I made the right play, and If I made an error I add a note
      to the tournament explaining what it was and how I should have played the hand.

      Then every week, I write a document which I call Leaks In My Game, and in it, I put in the common mistakes I find through my reviews. So far I have done 3 of these, and only one leak has appeared on all 3.

      There are hands that even using the strategy section I find myself wondering if I did do the right thing, (Villain was a maniac and was playing every hand (20 hands in the SNG and 100% vpip) I have never saw that since that day... but anyhow these hands I will start posting on the forums for extra help.

      Before finding this site, I never in a hundred years would have taken this
      so seriously, or even had a clue where to begin when it comes to having a proper starting point from which to launch.

      Other sites charge like $100 sign up fee and then a monthly fee just to
      do for you what you can do for yourself with the method I described above and then posting what you dont understand or need help being critical against yourself with and having a coach run through it for you.

      Thanks for reading, and maybe well see eachother on the tables.
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