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      After almost a year on this forum, I finally decided to introduce myself to the community. Although I wasn't very active on the forum I was reading many threads and posting occasionally, when I had something useful to say. I hope that will change in future since I believe the hand posting section of the forum can improve your game alot.

      Anyway, my name is Marko and I'm a 19 year old student at Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing in Zagreb, Croatia.

      I've started playing poker about a year ago when I was introduced to the Poker Strategy by a friend. I had a terrible start, lost most of the BR on casino games after losing a few pots on poker. My friend warned me about that, but obviously I'm too stubborn. I hate the fact that I have to learn everything on my own skin, but that's who I am I guess.

      After rereading the articles I prepared myself mentally and deposited my own money. I started to play well, becoming more and more immune to tilt, never going for the casino games again (like I promised myself). It wasn't exactly a smooth sail, I was very close to going bust once after about 35-40BI downswing but thanks to excellent strategies I've been taught, BRM and SSS I managed to survive.

      Few months ago I found myself ready to give a shot on Advanced SSS, so I started playing NL200. Adapting and understanding the game very quickly I became a regular on NL200 with occasional trips to NL400 when the games are juicy enough.

      Besides poker, which is a big part of my life lately, I'm interested in music, cars, computers and of course having a good time with friends whether it is catching up over coffee, a party or a casual game of pool.

      I guess that would be it :) I would like to thank PS for everything they've offered as well as to community which is outstanding.

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