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license for elephant on second computer

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    • samgamgee
      Joined: 06.07.2008 Posts: 49
      you should be able to register two computers with this software .It lets you genorate two licences but i think does not allow any more .All you do is install it on second comp then from that comp go to profile tab ....and right at the bottom it will display both the machine code for the allready licenced comp and the machine code for the new one .Click genorate licence code and it will give you one that you copy and paste and put in the Elephant licence key field of the new comp.

      As for myself i had a bit of trouble on both my old and clapped out laptops with Elephant and used my two licence keys on them .NOW my generous wife has bought me a super duper NEW and modern laptop for christmas that i write on at this very moment but as i have used my two keys on old and clapped out laptops ....i dont think they will give me another one to try on my new and able laptop ..................i think me and Elephant were never meant to be :(
    • CSB4Design
      Joined: 05.12.2008 Posts: 35
      hmmm that's disappointing to hear.

      If PS think about it a little, we are here to make money and as we make money we improve our lives and as we improve we buy newer and better things, including laptops and computer etc.

      Perhaps something should be put in place to accommodate ours and their successes.

      PS is awesome, strategies are fantasic, videos very good and coaching interesting but their customer service is beginning to be something that is not desired by million dollar businesses. Me and my partner have enrolled 2 players to PS but they don't appear in our TAF and they say they cannot do nothing about it once they have signed up and now they won't help to change licence's from an old pc to new shiny one.

      As for Elephant, it seems they are constantly updating a software with far too many bugs, fixing one bug and generating several more, how about going back to the drawing board, making list, checking it twice and finding out which parts of the program is naughty or nice and ask santa the programmer to fix them all in one go.

      I do not know how to program, but I am an SQL and Normaliser Designer and I know about Object Oriented Programming and the foundations of class using .NET and .NET Framework so if you need help PS Staff, then i'm happy to assist