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How good you have to be to earn 5k eur per month?

    • SPeedFANat1c
      Joined: 04.01.2009 Posts: 5,150

      I am not playing poker like 1,5 year, and thinking to start again or not. I am a programmer also. I saw advertisement in Lithuania that they offer 4000- 5000 eur salary, which is huge here. Like I can buy a house in like 5 years.

      The average salary is about 500 eur.

      And also I see their requirements are not something which I could not learn - no need to be a genius.

      I loved poker, just stopped to dedicate more time into another thing in my life. I loved it mostly because of freedom which it gives to you, no boss making you stressed. Kind of thinking - let those other people who do thing poker is bad work hard at regular jobs, be stressed and I will work easily.

      But now there is kind of programming boom here, like it was poker boom 10 years ago. Looks like money is just "on the ground", you just need to take it, same like I thinked with poker was.

      So can you tell me how much you are making? How many hours you play, how many hours you study, how many tables you play, etc.
      Especially if you want to make 5000 eur per monh. After paying tax.

      So need to get 28.4 eur per hours. Tried to put some calculations, besides rakeback:

      Dollar is aproximately equal to eur now as I remember so ok.

      How much is rakeback, I have no idea.

      So to get similar amount by playing 600 hands per hour, you need huge winrate at NL50 which probalby is almost imposible to achieve.
      From the table it looks like all those things are hard to achieve. At least for me because I never beated even NL25.

      Plus if for each hour of play - 1 hour of study, then we divide hourly by 2.

      Plus taxes, but there is some rakeback, so rakeback maybe can be dedicated to taxes. Also like pension - you have to save money for your pension too, right?

      PLus you are at much higher risk of not sustaining this earning.

      PLus also politics want to make it like illegal - when lets say stars do not have real office in our country, this is illegal. So with illegal money is always harder.

      So far it does not look very optimistic comparing to programming, but maybe I am missing something.
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    • infraganti
      Joined: 01.10.2014 Posts: 177
    • SPeedFANat1c
      Joined: 04.01.2009 Posts: 5,150
      This post is not something important, so those who have not much time, you might not want to invest into reading it. Just put my thougths, similar as in blog posts :)

      Was playing today 11ct and 2 cents MTTs. And won 17 cents :D Was so fun actually to catch fish going allin 50 bb or more with K4o.

      Was thinking what to do in life after my work day. And though came - ok, I can be very good in programming, decidate lot of time to it after work and earn good money, definitely bigger than in poker and could even buy a house instead of flat in good location.

      But is my life just for house? I talked with another woman about this and showed the 5k eur advertisement. She said that she does not need a house, she has a flat and no need to work hard for money. She works 5 hours a day long time and is 35-40 yaers old and bought a flat wiht her bf, but most of the price payed she, I believe like 80%. Her bf is 30 years old, so thats why she had money earlier.

      And now she lives free life, she needs little money - just for food and some fun things. Her mindset is not to earn most money but have life without stress.

      I believe the better programmer I become, the less stress I should have also, but who knows, maybe if I do not learn to handle it, then I still might worry then because they will give me more responsibility and so might be more stress. So no gain then , besides money.

      With poker - I would not need to be in a hurry to crush highest limits, but I could even play NL10 because it would be fun to take stack from fish going allin with A8o I guess. Also because I have ok salary in my job and I made a deal with CEO that I can study 4 hours a week job related things during work hours, so I should not become worse, and possibly still I would become become better, so then I will not need to worry about money.

      And once I am very confident with NL10, then I can try to go for NL25. Probably just need to remember that I play for fun, and not for making a living. Because once I start thinking that my hourly is so low and I need to be so good to make a living, then it again looks like I am doing it for money, and for money easier thing to do is study programming :)

      But I am lazy to study all my free time and its boring. I need to force myself to do that. I am now studying another thing, but I see that its boring to do all the time and to have some fun in life I still turn on computer games like world of tanks.

      And playing world of tanks when you have no skill and motly got beaten is not super fun also, I need to study it also - the strategies. So same as in poker.

      Only when played poker I remmeber I was missing other games. When I am bored with tanks, then I open planes - microsoft flight simulator I tried. When was playing poker - was thinking - oh damn, I have so little volume, I cannot afford now to play other games. So not sure how to solve this problem. Have even lower volume but play other games? My volume used to be max 10-15k hands, but I was stydying like half of time, so maybe I studied relatevely too long. ALso I am not mass multitabler, I prefer few tables but focus on the hand more and also I do not want to get stressed because of too much hurry, I want to play at comfortable speed for me. My nick does not fit me probably for that :D It was created such because I liked racing games and speeding with real car.