A2s BTvsCO

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    • kerith
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      Take my advoce for what it's worth (not much), but I think I would fold here. The reasoning is as follows:
      Fish (assuming he is loose passive, and not loose aggresive) usually have a wide calling range, but a very very tight open rising range, and an even tighter 3Betting range (Loose passive players arre usually honest, meaning they will not 3bet light) especially OOP.

      Being very optimistic, for what I've seen at 2-5NL, we can put him in something like 77+,ATs+,AJo+,KJs+, KQo. And that's really optimistic (although it can depend on the size of the 3bet).

      Without looking at equity, I think that A2s has very big Reverse Implied Odds, since even if you flop top pair you are so often dominated by his range, as lots of times he has a better kicker, so we might end up losing money. So, if we take top pair out of our outs, we have to flop something like trip 2s, an OESD or a Flush Draw, which often need the turn or the river to improve, and thus we would reather have a much, much smaller pot. The good news is that with loose passive players, unless they have pocket pairs, they'll usually check/fold the flop if they miss, but I think that calling in the hopes of them missing the flop is not a great spot to be in.

      So, having said that, I think I would fold here (although I still find it tough to fold hands like these), but maybe (maybe!) we can 4bet or something like that. I really don't like calling here, because we're often dominated.

      Other factors to consider are:
      • Stack-Pot Ratio (the shorter his stack, the more likely he es to 5bet shove, or to call a 4bet)
      • Having a solid play postflop
      • Knowing if he gets scared easily, so that we can represent a monster. (although it's usually not a great idea to bluff passive loose players, because they think that middle pair is a winning hand).
      • Does he think that middle pair is a winning hand?

      Hope it helped :)
    • xero100
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      100bb standart call vs reg, vs fish even more