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Ramblings of a PLO noob

    • TonyRice
      Joined: 30.01.2010 Posts: 3,378
      Disclaimer: Don't read this blog if you are expecting regular updates of any kind or any real content, at least to start with.

      So thats the terms and conditions out the way lets get to the point. As in the title im relatively new to PLO. Actually I'm fairly new to poker. I've played a lot of hands of NLHE but at best was a break even player with some bad tilt and BRM issues. Around two years ago i stopped playing, I only ever played for fun (because i was too lazy to become a decent player) and it just stopped being fun so i stopped. Then At the start of this month the cravings to play came back i played NLHE for about 3 minutes and was bored i needed more cards.

      PLO is just wow. Its exciting, heartbreaking and murderous rage inducing all at once and i love it. I always used to tell people just to play the type of game they enjoy because it will help motivate you to improve, an endless amount of times i gave that advice and not once listened to myself, and still i wondered why i couldnt become a winning player. PLO now has me thinking about poker in a completely new way. I'm not saying i want to be a pro or anything like that but i want to learn about the game, i want to learn about making correct decisions and i want to be better than the people on my table I want to move up stakes and beat the people there too and feel myself improving

      Where am I now?

      I've played 25k hands this month around 4k hands of plo2 and the rest plo5 graph to follow but im just about in profit atm, I know variance can be huge in plo and im not here to blame my small win rate on that because i know im a noob and i know im not yet doing enough to study and reduce that variance and increase the win rate which leads me to:

      What is this blog for?

      Basically its going to be for me to ramble as and when i need it. If i meet some fellow PLO enthusiasts who want to discuss strategy and hands with me then great that can only be +EV right? I don't know how often i will post here but the plan at the minute is to post often, posting interesting hands and spots i find myself in at the tables write down my thought process and getting torn a new one by you guys who actually know what you're talking about and eventually getting it into my head the right way to be thinking.

      My graph for this month, And im heading out for dinner now. If i get home at a reasonable time ill have a look through some hands from my last session and post some, if not i'll post some in the next few days
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