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a players tale

    • bogdansamian
      Joined: 19.08.2008 Posts: 1
      First of all i want to tell u that im from romania and that i say thx to PS for theyr good work.
      I recived my 50 usd from PS and i played limit 1/2....noob so i lost by all my money.Then i recived 10 usd from party poker after some time and i thought that this is my chance.
      I played with that 10 usd on 0.15/0.30 limit for about 1 hour and the result was 10.13 usd. Great:) )
      So i said to myself lets play some poker.I entered limit 0.5/1 and first hand AA so i caped.......against KK.Of course i was saved by the river with A because on flop K 2 5.After 30 minutes i had around 35 usd.Then i entered to 1/2 limit and after 2 hours 138 USD.After 2 days i had 500+ usd but i played different limits.The biggest was 5/10.

      This is an example of pure luck.Dont do like me...respect the limits and u will not tilt.
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    • delete461
      Joined: 04.07.2008 Posts: 1,036

      I dont play FL and dont know what the proper BRM is, but Im pretty sure the FL players here would be horrified at your approach to bankroll management lol.

      Anyway, whats done is done and its up to you how you proceed from this moment onward. Either keep flying by the seat of your pants until you go broke again, or tell yourself its time to settle down and take things seriously to try and earn some real money.

      Good luck