• cristi14
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      hello everybody!ive registered to this site 2months ago and i learned some intresting things here...but my bigest problem is that i dont have enough time to play and is hard for me to leave my old and bad habits:( .see you on tables...may the aces be with you but not when im playing:P !
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    • EagleStar88
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      Hi cristi & welcome to PokerStrategy,

      I know what you mean regarding bad habits, but it will get easier, just read & reread the relevent strategy guides, take a look through the sample hands threads and visit a live coaching if you get time, they will improve your game beyond believe.

      You have to trust the guides & stick to the starting hands only. It is all to easy to think I'll just limp in with pocket 5's UTG but they just don't pay long term, boy have I tried :D

      Wishing you every success, good luck.