A NL question =)

    • Dippy19
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      So here's the situation. If you have an OESD on the flop and there's a possible flush draw out there, and let's say 3 players are in. Somebody bets. Does it make sens to make a pot size raise on this flop to throw off somebody on a flush draw so that he can't suck you in case you hit your straight on one of the next streets?

      The way I see it, you protect your hand in advance, if you're IP you can then take a free card and you disguise your hand if you hit the turn.

      Is any of this even right? :P
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    • TribunCaesar
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      if you have an oesd on on a 2 suited board vs 2 players you can either lead if possible or c/f. But it depends on the exact situation. c/r is not a preferable play. you don't want to get it all-in and you have to discount outs. If you can force a fd to fold depends on the exact situation but in general it's rather questionable.

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