I've been thinking about some timing tell reads that exist in poker recently - eg. a player 3bets after a long time means he is potentially relatively weak as compared to when he 3bets after 2-3 seconds.

However I was wondering whether there is any theoretical read that could be achieved in a similar fashion for if a player tank folds. For example, suppose in a BTN vs CO open situation the BTN 3bets sometimes, snap folds most of the time, but sometimes tank folds. In this situation it may be possible under certain circumstances to make the read that the BTN player didn't know what to do with the hand that he had in that particular spot.

Now even if such a read could be made with some level of confidence, that doesn't tell you anything about what type of hand the player had - only that he didn't know what to do with his hand that particular time (if the read is indeed correct and he wasn't just distracted by another table).

I am interested in finding out whether or not there is in theory information being leaked by the BTN player or not. For instance if the BTN player knows exactly what his folding range is, then it makes no difference how long he takes to fold. Thus the only way information could ever, if at all be leaked is when the BTN player didn't know what to do.

It's a bit like when you check/call twice with flush draw and then check / snap fold when the flush doesn't get there - your opponent probably realises you had a flush draw. However that does not mean that every time you check the river you have a missed flush draw.

I cannot come up with any concrete example of when the CO player can take advantage of the fact that the BTN player maybe be letting it show that he doesn't know what to do and so folds. For example if the BTN at some point 3bets then it's temping to say that the BTN now has only premium hands because he folded whenever he had a potential 3betting hand that wasn't a premium hand. But this doesn't make any sense because he may have tank folded when he had garbage because he was thinking to 3bet you light. So this theoretical read would depend not only on how confident you are that the player didn't know what to do, but also on what type of a player you think he is - a nit who would fold good hands or a lag that would think about 3betting bad hands. Therefore this read is a circular argument based on a previous read.

So I am wondering if it can be shown whether or not it is possible for there to exist a read on a player based on knowing that he didn't know what to do in a certain spot and so folded, but which is not based on a previous read such as the player is a tight player.

I hope this is coherent enough to understand what I'm trying to get at here. The point is that if for example preflop I click auto fold 80% of the time, raise 10% of the time and tank fold 10% of the time because I don't know what to do, my opponents may catch on to the fact that I'm a nit in a certain spot.