WHill constantly stealing on promotions

    • Elendil0
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      People posted on 2+2 also, this has been going on for long time. I started collecting evidence last couple months and will present them now, since their arrogance seem to be even increasing.

      - They will just not credit winning players entries that they advertise with 'Live Draw' promotion. This way they try to put more ev for recreational players/ casino gamblers/ prevent grinders from actually winning something...

      It is 20~30 eur value i get robbed each time.

      Those are my playing history for last qualifying cycle i sent them, that prove i played EVERYTHING (speed,mtt,twister) as requested and should get maximum tokens

      So i also earned required WHpoints, on 7 different days.

      I got only 2 ENTRIES

      When i try to ask for your entries before tournament start they just disconnect you

      This cycle same happened and again he just hung up on me

      I sent numerous emails they each week -take two days to answer each mail -just drive you around with nonsense replies and just ignore evidence:

      I know WHill OWNS iPoker, AND POKERSTRATEGY, and that this site nowadays serve mostly as advertising /afi scheme for poker rooms. Please do not try to censor this post it is ~30 eur entries worth that each time they just take from you 'in your face, get lost'. And then you wonder why this happens ?

      It has long gone plain, criminal...
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    • Kyyberi
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      Have you checked what is the time difference between you and WH server? As you have played some of the games close to the midnight.
    • chilliyen
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      pokerstrategy owned by will hill!!!!!! that's a little worrying. Think I'll go else where...........
    • Elendil0
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      And advocating has begun

      Kyyberi i played earlier i played later sometimes they award you tokens for mtts, sometimes 0 tokens as i stated. As they ... 'FIND (you) SUITABLE'

      If you are a winning player - you will get NOTHING.
    • Kyyberi
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      You need to get at least 5WHP a day for at least 7 days. I don't know the promotion but is it stated if those days can be any days or consecutives?

      You posted pictures, but the only day that you might have accumulated 5 WHP or more is 25th day. And even then some of those are played within 2 hours or midnight so it might be server time issues.

      So for starters you should check if the time on those histories is your time or WH server time. Then check the terms of promotion for consecutive days (or not). After that post histories/statements where it is clearly visible that you have accumulated at least 5 WHP for 7 different days (within the promotion days).

      If you can show that WH doesn't follow the rules of the promotion, we have a case. Then you can contact their regulator and probably make it one of the biggest news in internet poker for this year.

      In 99,9% of cases the problem is that player doesn't understand the terms of promotion.
    • Lazza61
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      Hey Elendil0,

      I would just like to clear up a couple of points.

      1) You have clearly misunderstood the terms of the promotion.

      2) PokerStrategy.com and iPoker have never been owned by William Hill. Both are owned by Playtech.


    • rompas
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      Hi Elendil,

      Sorry about the problem you have,

      i also play at WH and never had problem to get my tokens when i was eligible to get them,

      from the screenshots you shared with us, i would say you achieved Earn 5 WHPs playing Speed Poker and Play 5 MTTs with buy-ins of at least €3

      this screenshots dont prove you maked atleast 5 WH points for atleast 7 days during the 14 day promotional period,

      for the mission play 10 twister you played 10 but used for one a token to buyin and i do think using tokens not count ( not 100% sure about it)

      so if this screenshots is your evidence to prove they stealing you, i would say no they gave you the tokens you was eliglible for.

      as advice i would also say, next time when you contact support try to ask them to check this friendly and not demanding to get tokens.

      and Finally, William hill is not the owner of Ipoker and pokerstrategy , both are owned by Playtech

      Regards/ Rompas
    • 8runo
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      Can I put in a good word for William Hill?
      I logged on to my account yesterday, for the first time since 2009 (after getting support to unlock it) and found over £250 sitting there! I think most poker sites siphon off dormant funds, but not WH - they left my money there and intact.
      Now I wish I could understand how I managed to forget so much money!!!!
    • la55i
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      .... Great. Now mulal32 is multiaccounting on pokerstrategy too? :f_eek: